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- Hand Hammered Bells for Brass Instruments -

You can expect the highest quality of handcraftsmanship in every piece.

The EnSa Cup Trumpet Mute

The EnSa Cup Trumpet mute offers, through its German-made precision, a wide variety of sound qualities. Made from spun aluminum or copper, it can be adjusted precisely with the felt mounted movable cup.

The mute is equipped with a protective edge that shields the trumpet bell from damage. By removing the sliding cup section from the body, the EnSa Mute can be used as a straight mute with excellent sound and intonation characteristics. Additionally, the cup section can be used alone as a plunger. The aluminum version is finished in a high quality textured brown lacquer that gives it a hammered appearance, while the substantial copper version is highly polished and finished with a baked on clear lacquer.

The copper version of the EnSa mute produces a warmer tone color.

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